So Drew mentioned to me this past weekend that he was starting Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning.

We’ve done this before. We own all of the seasons on DVD and we have watched every single episode. More than once.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I am telling you: I am Meredith Grey.

Drew disagreed with me for a moment today when we were talking and he cited one fact that would make it so Meredith Grey and I were not the same person. In the third or fourth episode of the season, the one where George and Izzie unpack Meredith’s mom’s surgery tapes. And Meredith had had a bad day and came home and was all kinds of pissed off. And George goes, “I ordered chinese food.” and Meredith shouts, “I HATE CHINESE FOOD!”

I would never do that.

I just wouldn’t.

But the thing is, at the very beginning of the show, Meredith isn’t that dark and twisty yet. Meredith is just normal, but with a side of cynicism. It’s Derek who ruins her. He’s the one who makes her go all dark and twisty. Okay, yeah, her avoidance behavior was always there. And she was kinda shut off, but he pushed her over the edge.

Derek is all bright and shiny and practically perfect every way (much like Mary Poppins, apparently). He’s all optimistic about love and thinks that people can and will be together forever. He has faith in love.  That’s just something I don’t understand. He thinks marriage is real. Or, rather, that it’s more than a “cute idea,” which is my reaction to that word. He totally loves her and she just doesn’t even know what to do with that. Well, until she becomes bright and shiny too. Whatever.

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m not bright and shiny.

I feel like it’s a positive change that I went from Cristina to Meredith, though. This change still baffles me. I just recall watching Grey’s Anatomy on DVD in the dorms with the girls and it’d be like OH EM GEE, YOU’RE SOOOO IZZIE  or “you’re totally meredith! tee hee hee!!” But then it would come to be my turn and errrbody would look at me and be like OKAY, CRISTINA! and I was always like uhm yeah, that’s awesome ’cause Cristina is a badass. Like, I didn’t realize what an emotionally stunted freak she was. Lolz. (This whole post is ridiculous. I know that.)

Anyway, I have gotten sucked back into Grey’s Anatomy. It’s Drew’s fault. Because now I’m just going to give specific reasons now as to why I’m all dark and twisty and tell myself that relating to a tv show on such a personal level like I already do is totally normal.

I already cite stuff that happens on Grey’s Anatomy as fact or real life.

Do you have a character you relate to on a crazy level, like I do?! What show/movie?  I could seriously make a looooong list of movies and characters I swear I’m same same same with. You know?! I can’t be alone in this…!