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1.) All this time, I was convinced that red velvet cake was from the devil. For as long as I can remember, I have vehemently hated red velvet cake. With little to back up my hatred, I stuck to my guns and refused to say anything nice about red velvet cake. Now, it’s like I don’t even know who I am these days. We have some “cake balls” left from the party still, and they’re still delish. The chocolate ones? Divine. Banana? Yum. Pumpkin? Yes please! Red velvet? Fuck no. But then… I really wanted something chocolate and Grandma had eaten the last plain chocolate one, and I was desperate. So I decided I’d give the red velvet one a shot. I took a tiny bite, expecting to dry heave and chuck the cake ball at the floor. But then…. neither of those urges came to me. In fact, I didn’t just tolerate the red velvet to curb my chocolate craving. Oh, no, I went on to eat another one. And then I ate two more for breakfast today. What’s happening to me?

2.) I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I twice this weekend. I’m not complaining. Shiz, I love love love Harry Potter. I’d watch it every day if I could. I just watched all of the Harry Potter movies and I’m re-reading the 7th book right now. Due to poor planning, when I went to see the 7th movie I hadn’t re-read the 7th book. The book is too sad. I’ve only read it once. And when I saw the movie, I remembered why I had only read it once. I’m such a pansy. I cry at just about everything. The book and movie break my heart.

3.) I dread waking up in the morning. It’s not because I’m not a morning person or because I suck at reacting to my alarm. Actually, when my alarm goes off, I never ever hit the snooze button. I don’t believe in snooze buttons. But that is neither here nor there. When my alarm goes off, I am ready to get up. I hear it and I’m like OKAY MORNING LET’S DO THIS!! Ohhh, no. I dread waking up in the morning because it’s cold and I hate wearing pants. When my alarm goes off, it requires that I get out of my warm, cozy bed and stumble blindly to the bathroom to shower.  No pants. That’s just how I roll. It’s all fun and games until I have to get out of bed and brave the cold.

4.) When I watch the American President, I miss my brother like crazy. I simply cannot wait until he comes home.

5.) I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done this weekend. Do you think any of those things got accomplished? No. Except, actually, I did do one thing. I cleaned out my email inbox.  Luckily, I can cross that off the list I made in my planner. Win.

6.) Here is a snapshot of some of the things I’ve googled today: “doe patronus” “taylor swift lyrics” “kelly clarkson lyrics” “dear john letters” “renee estevez” “rob lowe” “list of idioms”

7.) And last night I google map’d the directions from japan to china because I stumbled upon an image that told me to do just that. So I did. And the image I had stumbled upon said that I would “lol” at #43. I did.

I just spent the last twenty minutes Googling “Nickelback sucks.”

His. Hair. Is. Sick. 😦

I can’t really explain what prompted me to do this. All I can say is I completely agree with those people who go about their lives vehemently hating Nickelback.

The magnitude of suckage is beyond words, I guess. Beyond the usual “all of their songs sound exactly the same” and “that lead singer’s hair is disgusting” I don’t really have much of an argument. All I really have to add to the table is that I think Nickelback sucks too. (Although I am sad to report I do have more than one song of theirs in my itunes. 😦 Yes, I’m embarrassed.)

I did learn, however, that Nickelback is “a Canadian rock band,” says wikipedia.

Cute as a button!

Go back to Canada, is what I have to say about that. I will gladly keep Justin Bieber over here in the US, and Canada can have Nickelback (and the lead singer’s sick hair) back.

Upon doing “research” for this post, I have found that Nickelback is not very relevant (anymore??). And by research, I mean that I had a conversation with my mom. And by relevant, I mean that I think they should find Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Spencer Pratt, and Dina Lohan and just go the eff away.

Do you know who Nickelback is, or what it is?

Yeah, it’s like a band, right? Or a person.

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts are that they’re like… gangsters.

Mom, nickelback is a rock band from Canada.

They’re just not good people.

I don’t even know what that conversation means. But I like everything about it. And I laughed really hard while it transpired.

Moral of the Story: Nickelback Sucks.