We decided to get all fancy for our evening out last Saturday.

I’ve always been more of a jeans and a tank-top kinda girl so I didn’t really have a party dress stashed in my closet.

I also can’t really be trusted to shop on my own for stuff like that. In the past, I was able to raid Alecia’s closet or she’d force to try on items in stores I’d never pick out on my own. This system worked out well.

Well, this time, because Alecia’s closet resides in a chic apartment in Chicago and I live just about four hours away from that, that option was out. As was the option to have her pick out a fancy dress for me.

When I went shopping, I am pretty sure I overlooked a lot of winners. I tried on a couple dresses but there was nothing I was crazy about. I didn’t really find anything I loved. Nothing that really screamed “oooh, yeah, that’s gooooood!”

Oh, except for this really cute tank with sequins on it. AND it was on sale! AND I got to use the gift card to Express that I keep forgetting I have! WIN!

When Seneca told me that a sparkly tank with jeans was not fancy enough, I figured I was fucked. What I really wanted was a sparkly, purple strapless dress I knew from Alecia’s closet. I texted her to whine that her being far away was really not doing me any favors. And then, a little light bulb turned on in my brain.

At almost the exact same time, Alecia had texted me back with an offer.

She could mail me the dress from Chicago, and, even better, it would totally be to my house before Saturday!


Not only did I totally save on money from not buying a brand new dress but I’d be wearing something I knew I already liked!

I think this is a totally great idea and I’m totally going to try to take advantage of my friends’ closets in this way! I’d be silly not to! It’s a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!

Alright, which one of you fuckers who lives far away has shit in your closet I wanna wear?!