Due to poor planning on my part, I don’t have anything today.

I was feeling uninspired last night when I tried to write, so I decided I’d wait until today to do it, like normal. But today, I was busy. And then when I had time to write, I didn’t feel the creative thoughts rolling around in my noggin. Then I forgot it it was Tuesday once I got home from class tonight. And now it’s technically almost Wednesday, and I’ve got nothing.

So, with that said, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I’m such a terrible blogger.

I’m sorry to have let you down.

But, on the plus side, here’s this:

This gets me every single time.

Oh, on second thought, I did discover something today:

After a long, long time of forgetting it existed, I fell in love with Fergie’s album from 2006. Again.

And after a long, long time of not hearing “Fergalicious” I found out I can do the tiny little rap-like breakdown she does in the middle of the song. Flawless. Like a pro. I’m practically Fergie I’m so good at it.

You’re jealous.

I know.

I mean, I remember when I was an idiot and 19 years old and Sar and Erica and I would practice it, trying to figure out what she was saying and then working on being able to say it just like her. I remember being really happy with myself after I taught myself how to do it. I may have even called my boyfriend at the time and behaved like a ninny, all excited and ready to display this newfound talent. But I also remember he was not as impressed with this skill as I was.

Maybe that’s why he’s not my boyfriend now.