There is a website I have been obsessed with lately. I currently have a tab open on this website in my firefox browser. I just keep the tab open and never leave the site pretty much.

It’s awesome, and everyone I have shared the website with has loved it like I love it.

So, my friends, I’m gonna share it with you today.

It’s called Dear Blank Please Blank.

As someone who likes to write love letters, I really enjoy this site.

Here’s an example of a love note I thought of in my head that I never wrote down until right now when I wanted to provide an example:

Dear wood paneling in Grandma’s basement,

You are hideous and I hate you. You were a terrible design concept and I wish you didn’t exist. I do, however, have to hand it to you for matching the random wooden duck on the coffee table. Well played.

Love, Katie

So, now that you’ve gotten a taste of the kinds of love letters I like to write, you can go check out that website and see all of the funny things other people write.