Upon walking into the kitchen this evening for dinner, I realized something was different.

Everything was exactly the same, but something was different.

Grandma called my attention to it right after she said grace at dinner.

She gets her hair cut every five weeks. Like clockwork, she goes to get a haircut every five weeks. She gets the same cut every single time. Every single time, she has the same girl cut her hair, and she’s been doing this for fifteen years, she said.  The same girl cuts my grandma’s hair to a short, easy-to-do, low-maintenance haircut.

Except this time.

This time it was sassy. And cute. And fancy. I loved it, and I told her so. She seemed surprised, clearly still trying to decide if she liked the change she had made. But, seriously, it was adorbz. I should have taken a picture because I just know everyone would agree. In general, my grandma is what most people would describe as a cute little grandma. She just is. But with this new hair, it’s like a whole new level.

Grandma told me that she took a picture in with her this time.

She told me how she found a picture of a lady with hair that she really liked. She told me how she went to bridge club yesterday and showed the picture to the girls.  The girls at bridge loved it. When she went to breakfast this morning, everyone there told her to go for it. (The first Thursday of every month, Grandma meets classmates from high school for breakfast. How adorbz is that!?) When she showed the picture to her hairstylist, she got another positive response. Everyone was in agreement; she needed to do it.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what this picture was and where she found it. I know you’re wondering because I was wondering. And everyone she showed it to was wondering. Well my friends, here is the very best part of this whole story.

Grandma cut the picture out of the newspaper.

The obituary section.

Yes. She. Did.

The other best part of this story is that upon showing this poor woman’s obituary photo to everyone she knows, someone actually knew the lady.

So awesome.

Add this story to the list of reasons why my grandma is a pretty hilarious lady.  And even though I sometimes complain, she’s a gem. 🙂