Let’s talk, for a moment, about comfortable silences.

It takes a while to get to that point where you can sit comfortably in silence with another person. Or, perhaps, it’s rare and exciting when you realize you’ve found someone with whom you can share those moments.

It’s fine to talk, talk, talk all the time. It’s fine to share stories and laugh and make jokes to fill the silence. It’s fine to quote movies and constantly have something to talk about.

What’s even better than that constant stimulation is the times when that doesn’t need to happen.

I’m not trying to get at something deeper here. I’m not trying to be cheesy and say something about how the silence somehow indicates a deeper emotional understanding, therefore words are no longer necessary. I just mean that sometimes it’s nice to not have to talk all the time or to be engaging in an activity every second.

I also just really like taking naps.

More and more frequently, Megan and I get together to hang out and then one or both of us ends up just falling asleep.

For example, today I went over to Megan’s house to hang out and watch Date Night because a.) it just came out on DVD, and b.) Megan just had knee surgery so she needs to be taking it easy (despite my offerings to push her down a flight of stairs or “fucking shit up” with hypothetical laser-beam eyes). Shortly after we started the movie, I threw out a disclaimer. I mostly did this because Seneca was with us, and I don’t know how comfortable she is with friend nap-time.

So, like I had anticipated, I of course zonked right out. There were a couple times when Megan tried to wake me because I was missing “the best part” but I mostly slept through the entire movie.

I think this is totally fine because last time we tried to watch a movie (Cop Out), Megan was zonked out hard. Like, out cold. There was no pretending she was “resting her eyes” or just sort of dozing off. She was full-blown sleeping. Right there on the couch.  I guess, in all fairness, I myself dozed off during the movie as well. But at least I made it through it.

The sad part is that that occurrence of watching Cop Out was not our first attempt. Our first attempt was probably a week before that and we both totally fell asleep. Right on my couch. Both of us, opposite ends of the couch, sharing a blanket, we just fell asleep. Then we both kinda woke up and realized we had been sleeping. It was awesome.

There have been other times, too, that something like this has happened, not just in our very recent history. One time I went to hang out in the afternoon and it was raining. We turned on the TV to watch an episode of 48 Hours Mystery (because we love it- and by we I mean I love Lester Holt) and it lulled us right to sleep, with Bubba (her pomeranian) between us on the couch.

Or the time we rented that one George Clooney and Brad Pitt movie… Burn After Reading or something? And I kept falling asleep and she kept telling me I was “doing it again” every time I woke up and tried to pretend I wasn’t sleeping. I was just resting my eyes!

This post makes it seem like all I ever do is watch movies and sleep through them but I promise that’s not true. And if it is true and you’re gonna be all judgy and rude about it, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends.

I want a polar bear!!