Let’s just talk really quick about what a slacker I am.

I know it’s Thursday, and I need to post today. But honestly, guys, I’m just not in it to win it today.

All I really want to do right now is paint my nail and watch the episode of  The Hills that I missed on Tuesday due to my accounting class.

I’m thinking I’m going to paint my nails turquoise again (I know you care so much).

This week has been cray cray and I should have known today would be outta control by the communication-fail I experienced at starbucks this morning.

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you that story.

It stems back to last night. Last night being a Wednesday. You know, hump day. The middle of the week. A work-day. A day that came before another day at work.

This, apparently, was not enough to deter me from getting completely tanked last night. It was an accident, but whatever. I knew it was trouble when I was only two mojitos in and I was “multitasking” in the bathroom (read: applying chapstick for five minutes and forgetting what I was doing in there anyway). I couldn’t really feel my lips anymore and my filter was letting up so aaaaall kinds of crap was coming out of my mouth. Because this wasn’t bad enough, we ordered a pitcher of sangria. For two of us.

Good decisions all around.

Obviously, this morning was a little less than perfect. Everything seemed just a little harder than usual but I felt pretty okay. My head wasn’t pounding. I didn’t want to die. I counted it as a success.

I stopped at starbucks on the way to work. A girl’s gotta get her caramel macchiato on.

I get the same thing basically every time. In the summer, a grande extra caramel caramel macchiato with light ice is my jam. It just rolls off my tongue when the employees ask me what they can get started. This morning was sooooo not right. I honestly have no idea what I said to the poor male barista who had the unfortunate task of speaking to me. All I got back was a blank stare and no movement of that sharpie poised in his right hand.

(In other news: I wish I was left handed)

So I guess I started over. “Caramel macchiato?” Luckily he was already holding a grande sized cup for iced beverages. It’s like he just knew what I was trying to say.

I nodded and told him grande, iced. Yes.

Then I threw in “extra caramel? Did I already say that??”

Totally left that part out.

Everything ended up being okay. But I was embarrassed. Especially when I added the ammendment “light ice! please!” to my beverage as the girl making my drink turned around to do the ice part. She hates me, I’m sure of it.

I shouldn’t be allowed in public.

Now that you’ve gotten the play-by-play of my starbucks experience, and I have inevitably bored you to tears, I will say goodnight now.