I had just gotten out of the shower and started my morning routine of blasting Justin Bieber while getting ready when I heard  the ever-familiar, Hello, Kaaate?

So I leaned over the balcony in my robe and said, “Yeah?”

Oh! You are here! When you have a moment, can you come down here? I have a list of questions for you!

Pause. “Yeahhhh.”

After getting myself mostly ready to gtfo leave and stop by Nikki’s before heading home-home, I made my way downstairs and met Grandma in the kitchen. The Today show was on. She got up from her chair at the kitchen table and stood in front of me. We were to begin our conversation.

We discussed many things, most of which I will share with you now:

1.) Grandma had been reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. We had previously talked about how much she hated Ronnie, the main character (aka Miley Cyrus’ character). She wanted to tell me she truly enjoyed the end, and she could understand how it could make a good movie. The turtles, the church fire, the stained-glass window, the juvenile love story, and the adoring father.

2.) I was to bring a shower curtain liner home with me. (???)

3.) What is an elliptical machine?

4.) Sally (Nikki’s precious dog aka my new baby) is welcome at Grandma’s house but she has to rinse and dry her feet before she comes in the house.

5.) She now has Facebook. And has no idea how it works or what to do with it.

Kate, if I wanted- I don’t want to now, but if I wanted to some other time- how would I write something on your mother’s Face?

“Okay, see that white box? No, not that- yeah, that white box. The one that says write something. Yeah, that. You write something in there. And then- yes, you press the share button. Yes.”

Okay, well, thank you! I’m going to take my walk now. Drive safe!

She’s adorable.

We’re not friends on Facebook.

PS. I have Bieber-Fever. In a big way. Still.